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Nov 11, 2021

Podcast Intro:

The universe has its way of mending any damage caused by unforeseen circumstances. And looking at nature, humans are blessed to witness nature’s process of healing. As rational beings, we seek ways to imitate the healing process and turn it into our own.

But is researching as easy as it sounds like? How can you confirm that the proposed methods work? That’s why you experiment! Just like how Mada Dalian experimented with the self-healing mechanism she created, The Dalian Method.

If nature can heal, so do humans. From your thoughts, beliefs, and emotions, all the way to social and cultural aspects, humans heal by taking these aspects into account. By being conscious and confident that the process works and helping yourself towards healing, you are giving yourself the freedom to explore the vastness of the universe—uninhibited.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What is the Dalian Method
  • Who can benefit from the Dalian Method
  • How the Fear of Survival and Death is at the root of our Human Ailments and Dis-ease
  • How the Dalian Method can help you heal into consciousness and be free of the limiting stories created by mental conditioning and fears
  • How incorporating the “breath” process improves self-healing.
  • How you can connect yourself to the universe and leverage the journey as an end and not a means
  • How the Dalian Method helped Megan towards Self-Healing

Key Principles of the Dalian Method

The Dalian Method Works with the Following Core Principles:

  1. Many unexpressed layers of thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and conditionings are repressed in the body and cellular memory. They run as invisible programs blocking the free flow of energy through the body and causing pain, discomfort, and disease.
  2. Our beliefs are based on socio-political and religious conditions and the conclusions we make from our life experiences.
  3. To eradicate pain and illness, we must access and work with the causes of ailments instead of their symptoms.
  4. All answers are within. Consciousness within the Being is the master key that can permanently dismantle the unconscious beliefs and conditionings and liberate the soul from the story created by the ego-mind.
  5. Consciousness must be grounded in the entire body to achieve complete and lasting healing and transformation.



  • The process of complete liberation reminds Cate of the Sanskrit word, Nirambalaya, which she explains as getting to a place without the need of support, living out their rules, beliefs, and systems born into.
  • Cate believes that she will never figure things out by simply reading a book and following the instructions. She explains that commitment to a time, place, and process are necessary along with a person to guide her through it allows a kinesthetic understanding of what the process is all about. 
  • Cate stated that as someone who's trained in Vedic Language, there's more to consciousness than just diagnostics. The word Consciousness has different meanings and implications on various cultures, especially in India, which is vast and deep. And that's different worldwide whether it's English, German, French, Italian, etc.


  • [01:49] Introduction
  • [04:10] Where and when it began for Mada Dalian
  • [07:26] The Buddha Field
  • [14:01] Looking inside people’s energy
  • [15:28] India’s Deep History and Approach to Healing
  • [17:58] The Facets and Duality of Emotions
  • [24:20] Experimenting Techniques
  • [25:17] Who is the audience?
  • [26:25] The Self-Healing System and Incorporating the “Breath” component
  • [30:42] The Reconnection Process
  • [37:47] Zen Teaching
  • [40:43] How Megan ran into the Dalian Method
  • [45:00] How you can grow confidence with a beginner’s mindset
  • [56:24] Who can benefit from the Dalian Method?


  • Children are open to different perspectives and have a unique perception because they are not conditioned yet. The world has not accumulated its weight on them, they are more open to the perception of reality.
  • People are trying to find themselves, just like how we find ourselves. With the tension that the mind creates to understand something, you try hard but don't see things. It's the ego that's trying.
  • Thoughts and emotions are two sides of the same coin. When you think of something, emotions come. When you have an emotion, there's a thought behind it.
  • We cannot deny any part. Because if we deny one part, we cannot achieve 100% transformation.
  • By saying "I am afraid," you're taking responsibility for your fear. 
  • If I am the universe, there's an endless exploration I can do. The universe is open, and I am stuck on this little planet with the vastness of the universe. The journey is the goal; enlightenment is your experience.