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Apr 29, 2019

Listen in to Cate as she sits down with Charlotte Nussle, a certified international yoga therapist and gerontologist, as they discuss the nuances of aging and how our trauma and experiences inform our intergenerational relationships. They discuss the necessity of having a structure that is strong enough to hold a container for the process of the deep healing work you would like to do.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • 5:20 How to deal when the first response is frustration instead of compassion
  • 5:27 The gift of this time is the ability to join with each other and there is so much wisdom coming in
  • 6:08 Beyond Mortal - one of the pitfalls (area of growth in the western medical model) - we are trying to keep people safe from challenges
  • 9:10 ‘we have to just keep following our heart - you’re not perfect, I’m not perfect - but we keep loving each other and that’s all that matters
  • 13:17 We have these experiences of how things could be and then we go back to ‘in real life’
  • 14:09 It is so important to recognize the need to heal the healer around Trauma
  • 16:12 When do we need a healer to help us process and digest
  • 20:10 How do I offer my healing from a safe place?
  • 24:30 Charlotte’s ashram story and the stages of aging
  • 29:30 The necessity of a deeply connected community and how the group’s resiliency is directly tied to your resilience


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Favorite Quotes:

  • ‘There is so much learning in life - and in death’’ - Cate
  • ‘We just get to experience the massive learning curve around the whole life process cycles - or we can become contracted - and both happen’ - Charlotte
  • ‘Step back from any sense of blame, and honoring that we got what we got, and if we feel we didn’t get enough, it is important that we are tender towards ourselves and realize that is a part of the foundation’ Charlotte
  • ‘Our over efforting aids in our undermining our own resilience.’ - Cate  


Guest BIO:

Charlotte's a life coach, certified international yoga therapist, gerontologist. She brings 26 years experience in adapting body-based and meditative practices that reshape your nervous system, rewire your brain to be more receptive to the good, and support your development toward what has value for you in life. Connect with Charlotte on her website and facebook page.