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Aug 7, 2018

Sam Norman joins us today to share some of her wisdom on the hot summer sun, sun exposure, and skin protection. We talk about Sam’s backgrounds in both Ayurveda and nursing and what they say about safe sun exposure and how to stay healthy this summer season. We naturally absorb vitamin D from sunlight and there are huge benefits of this vitamin, such as preventing Seasonal Affective Disorder, decreasing fatigue, and increasing our immune system. However, too much of this vitamin has it downsides as well. We rap about lotions and sunscreens and how they can be more detrimental to our skin than advantageous due to the chemicals used in these products, and other healthier alternatives for skin care. We also discuss the importance of balance and how too much of anything can bring us out of a state of balance and make us toxic.

Tune in to today’s podcast to gain some helpful tips and insights on skin protection and sun exposure this summer!

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What are the advantages and disadvantages of Vitamin D from sun exposure?
  • Is sunscreen helping or hurting our skin?
  • Which oils work as natural sunscreen?


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Favorite Quotes:

  • “ I myself have experimented with coconut oil for the past two summers and I have not gotten a sunburn.” - Sam Norman
  • “None of us can come on here and say this is the doctrine, this is the way, and this is the only way.... It’s going to be like every other part of living an Ayurvedic lifestyle, it’s going to be individualized.” - Sam Norman
  • “The coconut oil is more repairing for sun damage or sun exposure to our skin.” - Jessica Robinson


Guest BIO:

Sam Norman created Family Healer in the winter of 2017 after the birth of her daughter and a deep desire to raise her with the habits that have healed Sam. After a lifetime of allergies, asthma, auto-immune dysfunction and antibiotics, she felt a pull towards studying medicine. Sam became an RN in 2001 focusing her career in pediatrics and kidney dialysis. Her health continued to get worse and in 2011 she was diagnosed with papillary thyroid cancer. After years of doctors looking at her like an interesting case and never actually being able to heal her, Sam turned to a naturopath and was thus introduced to natural healing remedies.

In 2013 Sam began to study Ayurveda at Spirit Path Ayurveda School in Anchorage, Alaska. During her studies she learned that the answers to her wellness were deep inside of her. As she worked and studied Ayur (self) Veda (knowledge) she began to see how disconnected from self and nature she had become.

She is proud to say that since focusing on her wellness and becoming her own healer she is cancer, asthma, and auto-immune dysfunction free! Sam is confident that no matter what state of health you are in now, she can help you to start listening deeply and living in better balance with you. In creating our own healing journey we learn to become healers for ourselves and our family's, and Sam would love to help you along that healing path. Connect with Sam on her facebook page.


Show host BIO:

Jessica Graham Robinson is a yogi, mama, bodyworker, and a Yoga Health Coach (in training). She is owner of Sacred Space Healing Arts in Wyoming, where she homeschools her two children in the foothills of the mountains. Jessica is thrilled to be using the wisdom of Ayurveda to be guiding other mamas (with or without children) on the transformational journey from the dull and painful land of stagnation and resentment into the Kingdom of Thrive where they become Rhythm Champions! You can find Jessica through her website.