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Mar 4, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Practitioners of alternative medicine and holistic healers have long debated the efficacy of our current approach to wellbeing, and the disparity has confused the general populace about the various procedures. One of those controversial methods is the use of Urine as a treatment for various diseases. Cate discusses the health benefits of inhaling snorts and using pee for better health and mental clarity. She also talks about how Urine has been used by Yogi practitioners for thousands of years and how it helps the Olfactory System.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How Olfactory Health Affects Longevity and Quality of life.
  • How Olfactory Function serves as your first line of defense against pathogens and foreign bodies entering your system.
  • How urine rejuvenates Sianna and is effective in reversing toxicity.



  • Cate talks about certain medications that are administered to the body through nasal drug delivery.
  • Cate talks about early yoga focusing on pranayama and meditation.
  • Cate talks about using urine to naturally heal the body and enforce a state of repair of its normal state and function.
  • Cate talks about how Yoga is more focused on health, rather than enlightenment.


  • [02:18] The Olfactory System
  • [04:57] The Job of the Sinuses
  • [06:21] Origin of the Term “Sinus”
  • [07:07] The Turbines of the Body 
  • [09:30] Drug Bioavailability through the Nose
  • [10:52] How Pranayama led to a Science around Olfactory Care 
  • [12:19] How Yogi’s have been using Urine in their Practice
  • [14:55] How Urine Restores SInus Microbiome
  • [17:56] The Huffing Experience 
  • [20:47] The Review of Importance of Urine in the Treatment of Disease
  • [24:13] Understanding why Urine has been used in Yogi for Thousands of Years


  • “Olfactory dysfunction was an independent risk factor for death, stronger than several common causes of death such as heart failure, lung disease and cancer, indicating that this evolutionarily ancient special sense may signal a key mechanism that affects human longevity.”
  • “If you want to optimize your brain, short term and long term, you'll want a strong olfactory network.”
  • “Huffing pee feels like it pumps nitric oxide and gas form through the olfactory network is gentler than snorting and seems to have a less aggressive but equally effective role as bad biofilm remover and nitric oxide optimizer.
  •  “When you snort, you buff out the entire olfactory apparatus, from the nostril wall to a factory bulb to olfactory nerve to the rest of your brain and body.”
  • “If you're not in a group that has the habits you want, your ability to have those habits will be greatly challenged and delayed. So it's much faster, easier, and way more fun to be in a group that's evolving their habits together.”
  • “Pee restores functional nasal sinus microbiome, which optimizes the olfactory network and relaxes the emotions.”
  • “As you rewire yourself, intuitive alignment returns. It's like moving up in video game levels, relying on skills previously earned.”
  • “If you want a window to monitor brain health, olfactory is your system. Huffing is the gentlest, but like snorting, it's pretty advanced for modern disease to humans. You have to experience it to validate it or dismiss it.”

Guest: Cate Stillman

Since 2001, Cate Stillman has been educating audiences on how to achieve health and wellness with yoga and Ayurveda. She is the host of the Yogahealer Real Thrive Show, a weekly podcast that features dozens of industry leaders. She spends part of her time in Idaho's border country and part of it in Mexico.