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Apr 13, 2017

On the path of awake living Dharma changes with time. Elsie Escobar, famous yogini podcaster, returns to talk about her evolving dharma with the mic.

Obviously we have more access to more conversations than ever before. We also have more access to better conversations. And we all have the ability to grab the mic and start the conversation we most want to be part of. Yogis have transmitted teaching via vibration, via audio. What happens when you invest your attention, your ears and your voice more consciously? Evolution happens. Advocacy happens. We become a bigger part of the living conversation that is evolution.

Who are you talking to? What are you advocating for? Who are you supporting? What feedback are you receiving? This is what Elsie Escobar unpacks in this call.


I rap with Elsie Escobar about Influencing, Advocating + Getting into the Best Conversations for You

  • Why Elsie is a massive audio proponent
  • What happens when you listen vs. watch
  • Is audio a medium that encourages more presence?


What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • Why yogis are suited to podcasts and podcasting.
  • How do you decide what deserves attention



  • The Cyber Effect One of the World's Experts in Cyberpsychology Explains How Technology Is Shaping the Development of Our Children, Our Behavior, Our Values, and Our Perception



Highlighting the impact of podcasts in society and culture rocks my world. Taking the conversation beyond podcast monetization and metrics to bring awareness to the future and growth of podcasting through the lens of cyber behavior, cognitive psychology, the impact of socioeconomic status, and diversity.

My desire is to drive dialogue in the podcasting industry with a focus on podcasts' impact on society, diversity, and culture as well as their power to drive social change, personal development, and bring voice to support underrepresented communities and initiatives.