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Dec 22, 2016

I didn’t set out to become a community leader. Only recently am I learning what leadership actually is. In fact, despite being an accomplished athlete, I was never a good team captain. I was elected for that role more due to my drive and performance… that for any actual leadership skills.

As Yogahealer has grown up and is now in it’s solid teen years (it’s turning 16 this year), I have some perspective to reflect. In today’s conversation with my smart buddy Alex Hillinger, founder of, consultant to google, and former business manager of Chase Jarvis at, we rap on the responsibility of the community leader in the sharing economy.

If you find yourself, like I did, at the center of a community you inadvertedly or purposefully started - you’ll love this conversation. If that isn’t you - you’ll get a kick out of listening in on the future of evolutionary communities, conversations, and companies.

I rap with Alex Hillinger from Curvejumping about the responsibilities of Online Community Leadership

  • What happens when community leaders step into responsibility
  • The role of  collective leadership in evolutionary organizations
  • How to do it all wrong as a community leader
  • What the role of the leader will always be
  • How the role of the tribe is evolving

What you’ll get out of tuning in

  • How to become a community leader
  • Why you need to Be All In
  • How your Platform will evolve

Cate unpacks the diagram below:




Alex Hillinger is a business strategist, brand architect and co-founder of the Curvejump event series.

Working at the intersection of technology, design and entrepreneurship for over 20 years, Alex has been involved with start-up companies and publicly-traded organizations in key roles ranging from marketing director to brand strategist to senior advisor. He is currently working with Google and Filson and has advisory roles with several leading CEOs, investors and entrepreneurs. He is also a co-owner of, an online art venture.

Through his event series Curvejump, Alex brings together high level entrepreneurs and change-makers seeking to create positive impacts in the world.

Alex is based in Jackson, Wyoming where he lives with his wife and son. He holds a BSc in Psychology from Tufts University and an MBA from the University of Melbourne Business School.