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Jan 16, 2024

Welcome to the Thrive with Cate Stillman podcast! In this episode, Cate introduces a powerful and transformative journey through the pages of "The Witch's Cancer Journal." Join her as she delves into the realms of healing, transformation, and the profound wisdom that cancer offers.

What You'll Get Out of Tuning In

  • Gain insights into the intimate and courageous journey of facing cancer head-on.

  • Discover the transformative power of embracing cancer as a guide, healer, and teacher.

  • Uncover the primal rituals and wisdom shared in "The Witch's Cancer Journal."

  • Explore the intersection of ancient practices, modern medicine, and personal evolution.


  • Cate provides a glimpse into the first chapter, "Her Altar," where cancer demands complete surrender and transformation.

  • The podcast touches on the rules of the game with cancer, emphasizing the importance of shedding cultural influences and embracing a primal approach to healing.

  • The narrative explores the depth of cancer's teachings, from detoxification to primal medicine and the potential for personal evolution.

  • Cate shares snippets from the journal, offering a profound understanding of the challenges and wisdom gained through the cancer journey.


"Cancer demands a complete rebuild. She's taking you down to the studs, stripped to your core again and again until you get it or die."

"She's the grand mistress of evolution. She's the ultimate healing mechanism, and for that, I love her, hold her hand."

"This journal is for me. I wrote it so I wouldn't forget. I wrote in case my daughter needs my notes."


As you embark on this riveting journey through "The Witch's Cancer Journal," remember that the fireside chat with Cate Stillman is just around the corner. Join her on January 24th at 11:00 AM for a deep dive into personal experiments, cancer insights, and primal wisdom. 

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This episode is a testament to the power of facing adversity, navigating darkness, and emerging transformed.

Stay tuned for the next episode where Cate continues to unravel the story of the witch and concludes this insightful journey.

Thank you for tuning in to Thrive with Cate Stillman, where truth and freedom prevail, and ancient wisdom evolves into the future.