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Dec 28, 2015

I met Christina Sell as an inner circle teacher in Anusara Yoga. I’m guessing that was 10 years ago. Then, when it came time to pass certification as an Anusara Yoga Teacher, Christina was my assigned mentor. I knew she would be honest, intense, and exacting. And she was. It was a challenging certification and I rose to the challenge. I learned from her and became a much more effective teacher in the process. Finally on January 15, 2006 I became a Certified Anusara Yoga teacher. It was a big deal - and felt like more of an achievement than my B.A. from Carleton College.

That is TMI, but speaks to the dedication and effectiveness of Christina as a yoga teacher. She has a profound influence on many dedicated yoga teachers throughout the western world. I invited her onto the show to give us a few insights on being a perennial student. For those new to the practice - how to learn. And for those teaching new students - how to teach.

In this Episode Christina Sell and I talk about:

  • Yoga teachers around the world will have a flood of beginners in the new year.

  • What would you tell yourself as a beginner starting yoga?

  • What would you tell past versions of yourself around stepping deeper into practice and the practice of yoga?

  • What lessons are you learning on the mat right now in this advanced phase of your practice?


Christina Sell, mentions in this episode:

  • The evolution of her yoga practice
  • The old system vs. new reality for Yoga Teachers
  • Why structure in learning yoga benefits the student and the teacher

Links from the Conversation: