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Sep 16, 2021

What do you think of urine therapy to detoxify toxins out of your body? Before saying, “That’s so weird and gross!”, have an open mind and learn how our guest, Darlene Teahen, explained the benefits one can get through urine therapy. 

The “disgusting” thoughts born from the idea of utilizing urine therapy sprouted from our upbringing. When you were a child, your parents would make funny faces upon seeing your poop or when you urinated your underwear. That continued until we reached adulthood, and we now associate the word ‘urine’ with dirty. But since antiquity, Vedic practitioners have been drinking urine. And it worked for them!

Now in the modern era, what if I tell you that urine can be another source of stem cells? Or urine therapy is your gateway to accessing “life vibration”, achieve inner peace and harmony, and form a deeper connection with yourself? From injecting to nebulizing urine, listen to this fascinating episode as Darlene Teahen delves into her thesis, “Culture Plasma Ultrafiltrate as Therapy in the role of involved vitals for stronger immunity and lifeforce.”  

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What is Urine Therapy
  • Plant Medicine - specifically Ayahuasca
  • Energy Medicine
  • Sound Frequency Healing
  • How urine therapy helps you connect with the “life vibration” and find a deeper connection within yourself.
  • Why it’s perfectly fine to use your own urine as a source of stem cells rather than acquiring it from others.
  • How early childhood conditioning affects a person’s perception of feces or urine being associated with “dirtiness”.
  • How urine therapy detoxes “toxins” out of the body and why anxieties, nausea, pain, etc. are toxins being expelled.
  • Why urine therapy is frowned upon and not thoroughly explored by holistic practitioners due to the fear of rejection from society and culture.


Show Highlights:

  • Cate tells her experience listening to The Water of Life by John Armstrong
  • Cate shares why it’s challenging to explain the concept of meditation in Western practice than Eastern practice
  • Cate expresses her curiosity about nebulizing urine and its detoxifying prowess


  • 15:18 - 17:31 (Cultured urine and how the body absorbs the essence)
  • 25:28 - 26:28 (Talking about how early childhood conditioning affected a person’s perception on urine therapy)
  • 33:15 - 34:38 (Thoughts on nebulizing urine)


  • “The Dharma Tantra, an ancient era Vedic text, said that urine therapy has historic roots in Egypt, China, India, and Europe in the Middle Ages. They’ve all done it, it’s over 3000 years old, and yet we are just waking up to it.” -- [Darlene]
  • “I'm grounded. It's that peace and love you've never felt before. I'm working on the chakras and pulling things up. And it's so much easier now to feel what is going on because I can connect at that subtle level.” -- [Darlene]
  • “To me, this is our future where medicine is going. And we can all produce individualized medicines for ourselves by ourselves.” -- [Darlene]
  • “One of the disadvantages of the one-on-one practitioner-patient or client relationship is that there's not a community of people who are evolving together.” -- [Cate]