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Jun 18, 2018

Jessica Graham Robinson talks with us today about loving our bodies, body integrity and feeling comfortable in our own skin. It is SO important for us to feel good about the bodies that we live in, not just so that we feel good in a bathing suit, but also so that we continue to make life choices that are in alignment with who we are. Jessica chats about some Ayurvedic habits that help us to make choices from a place of confidence and to take good care of our bodies, so that we continue to be confident, grounded, strong, and in alignment with our true selves.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why is it important to feel confident in your body?
  • What habits make you feel integrous in your own body?
  • How do we gain confidence from the inside out?


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Favorite Quotes:

  • “‘I’m talking about caring about yourself enough that you make choices that support you feeling confident, you having integrity, regardless of whether or not your body is ‘perfect’.” -Jessica Robinson
  • “I believe it is important for everyone to experience confidence in their bodies.” -Jessica Robinson
  • “The choices you make for your life, your career, your relationships really are not the same choices you would be making if you were coming from that place of stable, confident you.” -Jessica Robinson

Guest BIO:

Jessica Graham Robinson is a yogi, mama, bodyworker, and a Yoga Health Coach (in training). She is owner of Sacred Space Healing Arts in Wyoming, where she homeschools her two children in the foothills of the mountains. Jessica is thrilled to be using the wisdom of Ayurveda to be guiding other mamas (with or without children) on the transformational journey from the dull and painful land of stagnation and resentment into the Kingdom of Thrive where they become Rhythm Champions! You can find Jessica through her website.