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Jun 19, 2017

There are deep and longstanding benefits to aligning your Yoga practice with the lunar cycle. You can tap into the energetics and archetypes of the four main moon phases both on your mat and in your daily life.

Kassandra Reinhardt began to experience the power of attending to the archetypal goddess stages syncing with the moon cycles. Then, she began to guide a community of women through the process of self-empowerment via syncing their activities with their menstrual cycles, and syncing their menstrual cycles to the moon cycle.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What Yin Yoga is all about and how it can help you slow down
  • The power of aligning your Yoga practice to your menstrual rhythm
  • The ways the moon cycle can impact your time on the mat


I rap with Kassandra Reinhardt about Women + Moon Cycle Empowerment:

  • How Yin Yoga led her to her moon cycle
  • What are the four stages and four goddess archetypes that represent the moon cycle
  • How to tap into the power of the moon and the rhythm of your body
  • Why women suffer from PMS...and how to stop the hurt




Show Highlights:

  • 5:40 — Because of its slowed, passive nature, Yin Yoga isn’t about building muscle or losing weight. It’s about building mental and meditative strength.
  • 9:00 — The history of studying human anatomy focused on compartmentalizing each muscle and body part, but that’s fundamentally incorrect. Kassandra discusses how releasing that idea in favor of a holistic approach helped her open up.
  • 14:00 — Many people are experiencing whole-body dissonance in today’s world. They’re engaging in the very bodily-Yin activity of sitting at desks, but mentally, their Yang is off the charts with stress and to-do lists.
  • 27:20 — Women’s fertility and monthly cycles are no longer aligned with the lunar cycle. Somewhere along the way, they got out of sync with each other, but we can reclaim unification with these cycles.
  • 30:25 — We go through four archetypes during our monthly cycle: the maiden, the mother, the wild woman, and the crone. Getting in touch with our intuition and connecting with these four archetypes can help us reclaim our femininity.
  • 40:50 — Giving voice to your wild woman and channeling your sensitivity can help transform your PMS into a source of power.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Nothing is separate in our bodies. Everything is interconnected.” –Kassandra Reinhardt
  • “Yin Yoga has an emphasis that we’re linking the entire body together.” –Kassandra Reinhardt
  • “The big shift that happened in my body was when I started to let go of the idea that everything is separate.” –Kassandra Reinhardt
  • “When I feel the most at peace with myself is when I find that balance.” –Kassandra Reinhardt
  • “As far as I go out, that’s as deep as I get to go in.” –Cate Stillman



Kassandra Reinhardt is an Ottawa-based Yoga Instructor on a mission to help others feel great with Yoga. She started practicing Yoga in 2008 as a way to become more flexible and learn to manage stress and anxiety. Little did she know that, in a few short years, she would have the privilege of becoming a teacher who’s passionately committed to sharing Yoga with others who, like her, were sick of feeling less than vibrant.

Before Kassandra started practicing, she barely had any energy. She couldn't quiet her mind for a single minute and always seemed to have aches and pains in her legs and lower back. Once she started practicing regularly, bit by bit she became stronger, calmer, and braver. Yoga is ingrained in her daily life in a fundamental way. It helps her meet any challenges she faces by teaching her to be present, focused, and receptive.

Kassandra believes that integrating just a little bit of Yoga into your life can help you make some drastic shifts. Whether that's going to class once a week, doing a few poses at home, or taking five minutes to meditate in your car, it's worth it. Her aim is to create accessible, easy-to-follow Yoga classes that students can do in the comfort of their own homes to make their well-being a priority.