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Dec 2, 2021

Podcast Intro: When men hear the word yoga, what do they think of? If a guy mentions to his friends that he wants to try yoga, the chances are he’ll receive some strange stares in return.  But like most common misconceptions, the weird looks stem from being uneducated. When it comes to fitness, many guys are uninformed. 

The stigma associated with men and fitness has always been the superficial "macho" look from the onset. We've all been conditioned to believe that the aim of a gym is to gain muscle, get stronger, quicker, and fitter. And it’s no secret that most guys think of yoga as a physical activity more suited to women - but who can blame them? It's difficult to avoid being influenced by social media these days. How many men do you notice in yoga advertisements? Quite a few... Until recently.

Nowadays, men are gaining more confidence to explore new forms of movement, such as yoga. More people are beginning to exercise for themselves rather than for the sake of society. Now, it’s time to debunk these yoga stereotypes once and for all and become more aware of the value of yoga and its beneficial impacts on your bodies.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why do we need "yoga for men"?
  • How yoga helps in fitness performance
  • How yoga can be integrated into your workout schedule
  • How Spirituality is important in yoga
  • Why yoga is female-dominated
  • Why do men try yoga



  • Experiencing the unified field of physiology when practicing yoga
  • Reinforcing the importance of the physical movements
  • The connection between spirituality and yoga


  • 5:38 - How yoga is different from other exercises
  • 9:33 - Community in yoga
  • 18:23 - Yoga for men
  • 31:11 - Different yoga techniques for mobility


  • “Mainstream yoga fits a few audiences very well. But there are a lot of audiences that just feel like it's not the right fit for them.”
  • “Yoga provided a really cool opportunity to actually be able to check-in with your body, and make sure that all of these different aspects of movements and proper exercise were actually happening.”
  • “Yoga helps direct people's minds to be in the present, to focus on the body and the breathing. That spiritual component sometimes just makes its way into it without me having to really say anything. In that way, it does have the spiritual or maybe you could call it mindfulness or mental benefits.”
  • “I think that aspect also brings people coming back to yoga with the style which focuses on strength and active mobility because they just feel the results in much less time and much more significantly than other yoga classes that they were doing before this.”