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Mar 24, 2022

Podcast Intro:

What you eat makes you who you are. That is a general thought we all share. However, in today's fast-paced society, where food preparation takes less time while sacrificing quality, how does this affect us in the long run? Join Dr. Grant Antoine and Hilary Keiser to discuss how food intakes, environmental factors, and your microbiome status contribute to curable illnesses through minor lifestyle changes.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Gut health and how Viome can help you get started on your health journey.
  • Understanding your Viome scores, food recommendations, and supplements.
  • How microbiome impacts your cardiovascular, nervous, and endocrine system
  • How knowing your microbiome status could foster and build your health and restore balance
  • How you can use food as medicine with the aid of your microbiome



  • Cate talks about her study on Ayurveda
  • Cate shares about her dad getting diagnosed with stomach cancer and sent him viome kit
  • Cate talks about the terrain theory versus germ theory
  • Cate talks about how indigenous people utilize urine in traditional healing


  • [04:30] Connections between the gut, the microbiome, and all health systems
  • [8:11] Modern Medicine
  • [10:13] Finding the balance
  • [12:45] Personalized Medicine
  • [19:20] How diagnostic are the tools in terms of what medicine should be using
  • [23:05] Measuring the microbiome
  • [28:37] Does the brain have a microbiome?
  • [33:57] As the microbiome becomes healthier, is that something that you need to take supplements for as long as you want to feel good?
  • [38:05] How different groups of people invest versus spend money


  • If you align with the wrong products that don't work, you are doing everybody, including yourself, a disservice.
  • Ayurvedic medicine and traditional Chinese medicine are traditional approaches that are generally gut forward. 
  • Not all microbes can create a good rate. There's a very specific genus and species we can look and see that do the work.
  • We used to think about the CSF and the brain environment. The cranium was enclosed and sterile and like nothing was getting through the blood-brain barrier. But then we look at autopsy results for Alzheimer's patients, we see viruses, bacteria, fungi, etc.

Guest: Dr. Grant Antoine and Hilary Keiser

Dr. Grant Antoine is a naturopathic doctor passionate about patient empowerment and education.

He brings this passion to Viome where he believes­­ the marriage of technology, systems biology, and the human microbiome provides individuals with an unprecedented resource of practical and actionable health insights.

The accessibility of the Viome platform also provides the means to impact the health of many more individuals than could ever be possible through traditional, clinical practice.

At Viome Dr. Antoine is involved in clinical trial design and the development of nutritional and supplement interventions for Viome’s user recommendations and efficacy studies.

Dr. Antoine holds a Bachelor of Science in Cellular and Molecular Biology from the University of Texas at Dallas and later attended Bastyr University of California where he earned his Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine degree. He attended naturopathic residency at the Susan Samueli Integrative Health Institute at the University of California, Irvine where his training focused on integrative primary care.


Hilary is a biochemist turned biohacker. Her passion for wellness extends beyond hacking her own health to using artificial intelligence to improve the health of thousands. As a Clinical Nutritionist at Viome, she has worked to train the AI platform to make precision nutrition recommendations. She believes that Viome’s precision nutrition program can truly slow the progression of the disease and may someday make illness obsolete. Hilary holds a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and Biology from the University of Hartford and a Masters in Biochemistry from San Diego State University. She is an avid yoga practitioner, snowboarder, food lover, and at-home fermentation enthusiast.