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Apr 13, 2016

Do you see other wellness pros as competition or collaboration opportunities? Your answer might have a big impact on the success and ease of your wellness business! This week is the first of a four-part podcast series with me, Cate Stillman, your host of the Yogahealer Real Life Show and my superstar guests: Rachael Cook from Yogipreneur and Amanda Cook from Wellpreneur.
Get a cup of tea and your notebook, and join us for this wide-ranging discussion about how to bring more collaboration into your wellness business, for greater growth, fun and success!
In this interview I talk with Rachael Cook from Yogipreneur and Amanda Cook from Wellpreneur?
  • How to attractive clients
  • How to tap into envy and desire to find great networking pictures
  • Rules for setting up a collaborative relationship
What we mention in this Episode
  • How to shift out of competition mindset
  • Tools for collaborating with your mentors and peers
  • Figure out where the people you want to serve are at
Links from the Conversation:
Books We mention
-Peers, Inc by Robin Chase -The Mesh by Lisa Gankin
Know who you’re getting into bed with