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Oct 5, 2018

When we first begin a detox, we may start off with plenty of excitement and motivation. However, once we actually eliminate those foods and activities we are used to, we often find that our detox goals fade. Why is that? Jill and Carly discuss their multiple Yogi Detox experiences, and how their preparation and expectations changed from their first detox to their preceding ones.

Especially when we are doing a serious detox for the first time, we try to go all in with strict limits, which doesn’t lead to much success. We can easily burn out and find ourselves back with or old habits. Carly explains that YogiDetox emphasize easing into and out of the detox so that the habits actually last, and so that we feel less overwhelmed. Jill discusses her struggles with emotional eating, and how she identified her food crutches that were preventing her from facing her emotions.

The support system provided in Yogi Detox is something both Carly and Jill used to help guide them through their detoxes, allowing them to actually accomplish their goals and personal development. Ready to begin a journey that will change your life? Start with this podcast, and learn how YogiDetox can get you to thrive.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why we need support in a detox
  • How to handle emotional detoxing
  • How to benefit from Yogidetox


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Show Highlights:

  • 4:00 (1) - YogiDetox is a powerful tool that allows you to recognize your own crutches and comforts. Often when we avoid facing an experience, we utilize these crutches as an escape without even realizing.
  • 9:20(1) - Cate has designed this program so that there are always ways to go deeper as we do the detox multiple times. You can design your diet to fit your lifestyle individual needs - whether that is the master cleanse, or just sticking to more natural, raw foods.
  • 8:48(2) - Our culture can mistakenly honors people who deal with struggle on their own. YogiDetox encourages us to lean on the group for support when we meet difficulties in a detox, which allows us to be more successful.

Your Favorite Quotes:

  • ” It’s about deep nourishing, not about taking things away. “ - Carly Banks
  • “It can be irritating when we realize that we are the once getting in our own way, but it is also extremely empowering.” - Carly Banks
  • “The Three week yogi detox should be a design your own adventure.” - Jill Rehm

Guest BIO:

The Body Thrive path led Carly to a new and exciting world where all can be accomplished with ease. Adding YHC certification training to work and parenting is proving to be easy, with the right tools. Carly’s shattering old patterns and false beliefs about herself, to become the person that she and her family deserve.  Connecting? Connect and hear more about how Carly juggles life as a busy mom at Nourished living.


Gale’s life has always been anchored in a committed physical practice. Practicing ballet from the age of 3, and highland dancing from the age of 4 into her adulthood, she went on to study dance in university. After exploring other career choices, her passion for movement therapies became her apparent life dharma- Committing to a life of learning and sharing empowering life practices. Gale studied hatha yoga under Meghan Currie and Sridaiva with Desi Springer and John Friend, and Yoga Tune Up’s Embodied Anatomy with Trina Altman.

The most influential teacher in her practice is Dana Skoglund, her teacher who has a background in Anusara and Sridaiva yoga, as well as ayurveda. Through yoga and ayurveda Gale strives to facilitate a newfound sense of self-empowerment, self-accountability and gratitude for life in all those who practice in her community. Check out her website and contact on facebook page.