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Feb 16, 2017

I’m curious about the power of my emotions to fuel my growth. I’m curious because as I rock my small business I notice it’s quite an emotional journey.

Big breakthroughs happen as old systems break down. How do we tap into the intelligence of our emotions? How do we enjoy or be in JOY in our ride as women living multifaceted modern lives?

THis is the conversation today on the D’arma and Dolla’s show with my conversational comrade - Katie Krimitos of Biz Women Rock.

I rap with Katie Krimitsos about Women Taking Charge of Their Prosperity

  • Does personal evolution precedes the evolution of your prosperity?
  • Why business growth happens from the inside out
  • How to become the woman who is ready to run the business of your dreams
  • Why An abundant mindset will ALWAYS triumph over lack.
  • Who to have on YOUR business success team
  • How to  create the life you want through the journaling process

Why an abundance Mindset works - from Katie:

  • There is no one else who has the exact experience you have.
  • There is no one else who has your exact take on your industry.
  • There is no one else who has your laugh, or your way of talking, or your hand gestures or your energy.
  • There is no one who has your exact same point of view.



Katie Krimitsos is the creator of Biz Women Rock, a global community of action-taking women entrepreneurs. Through her podcast (which started the whole thing), Facebook Group, coaching services, online education programs and live retreats, Katie's purpose is to provide her community with the best resources possible to help create massive results in their businesses. Katie is a lover of animals, nature, her amazing husband, Chris and her first daughter, Sedona.

Favorite Quotes

“But dealing with challenges in your business is more than that.  It’s just one way that we are called to EVOLVE AS INDIVIDUALS.  And EVOLVING is a must if we want to become the person who is running that fabulous business we envision!” Katie