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Feb 24, 2016

Yoga-Talk for Athletes, Raw Ayurvedic Dessert Recipe, and Using Improv to Weaken an Addiction

Today's episode features an interview Sage Rountree who has written a series of books of Yoga for runners and athletes. She synergizes yoga philosophy with exercise physiology. We talk about building strength, endurance, mobility and recovering into your workouts... and the importance of becoming unpatterned.

You'll also hear a clip of an interview Jenny Fenig invited me to for her Get Gutsy crew. She asks how I introduce Ayurveda to someone a bit more mainstream. I use a simple habit technique from Improv theatre called, "yes, and" to help people align their habits with natural rhythms. The simple teaching of Ayurveda- to align to the universal rhythm- I unpack with applying "yes, and" to a Diet Coke addict. I think you'll love it.

Next, Ayurvedic Chef and cookbook writer, Talya Lutzker chimes in with her favorite raw Ayurvedic dessert: her dadus. "Today I'm teaching you how to make my all-time favorite raw dessert.There's a traditional sweet in India called a Ladu - they're very popular, you can find them everywhere, and they are typically found in the shape of a ball.
I'd been making my own take on Ladus for years out of fresh dates, raw tahini and ginger - and I especially loved to share them with my uncle Jerry whom I'd visit regularly in Santa Fe, New Mexico." Listen to the show for the recipe and to hear about her uncle Jerry.

On with the show!

In this interview with Sage Rountree, Yoga for Runners, we talk about:

  • How balance is all about cross training
  • Which sports increase Dharana vs. Dyana
  • Sthira and Sukha in designing your exercise
  • Are endurance athletes overdoing it?
  • How to optimize your recovery time and prevent injury
  • The 70% rule with Ayurveda and Exercise

Highlights from today:

  • How to make Talya’s favorite raw dessert: the ladu dadu
  • How to get clear on what you want from your exercise, and design around that.
  • What is Ayurveda, and how do I use habits to align into Ayurvedic habits?
  • How to break addictions with Ayurveda
  • How to use, “Yes, and…” from improvisational theater to break an addiction

Links from the Conversation:

- - - -The Ayurvedic Vegan Kitchen by Talya Lutzker - How to host a Body Thrive Book Club - How to get access to the Body Thrive Book Club Members area


Sage Rountree is a pioneer in yoga for athletes and an endurance sports coach whose most recent books are Racing Wisely and Everyday Yoga. Based in central North Carolina, she teaches nationwide and online at YogaVibes and Sage Yoga Teacher Training.

Favorite Quotes

-“I sure do love me some Dadus.” Talya Lutzker

-“Most of us are living as if we’re outside of Nature. Which is silly.” Cate Stillman

- “Stiffness is important for efficient transfer of energy to the ground. So, if you’re goal is to get your foot behind your head in an asana practice, you’re going to be sacrificing some of that very stiffness that makes you a good runner.” Sage Rountree

-“You’re going to get the best results and best use of your time with a plan. Especially if the plan is dictated by science and rationality instead of beating your friend up the hill.”