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Oct 1, 2018

When we commit to a detox or a cleanse program - we often want to set strict boundaries and push ourselves to the limit. This can not only increase our risk of failure - but also decrease the chance that the effects of the detox last past its conclusion.  Lynne describes her struggle with the tendency to “Stop, Drop, and Detox.” She explains how her perspective on the detox experience changed during her multiple experiences in the YogiDetox program and what she has learned.

Jessica and Lynne discuss how the YogiDetox program encourages easing into and out of a detox. This way, it feels less strict and it is less likely that we struggle with not returning to our old habits. Lynne emphasizes the importance of the online forum in finding support in our health and personal growth journeys - especially when we lack similarly thinking people in our day-to-day lives. The detox experience isn’t meant to be a temporary form of existence - its meant to change our lifestyles even after we exit it’s defined boundaries.


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Show Highlights:

  • 2:20 - The YogiDetox program is a powerful guide when it comes to preparing for a detox.  It doesn’t matter who you are or your individual circumstances because you can design it to fit your life.
  • 7:50 It is more effective when we ease into and out of a detox. YogiDetox is not meant as a quick cleanse, but rather as a method of setting yourself up for constant evolution as you enter the new season.
  • 12:00 - Not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends or family focused on living healthy lives. Having the online forum that YogiDetox provides allows people from any environment to have access to support from people that are equally as invested in their health.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “It’s more consciously entering the portal thats taking you into the next season.” - Jessica Robinson
  • “You’re setting yourself up for constant evolution instead of more of the same.” - Jessica Robinson
  • “It’s not a stop, drop and detox.” - Jessican Robinson

Guest BIO:

Lynne Taillefer, A.K.A. Mama Lynne lives in Québec, Canada  with her husband and their two young boys. She offers educational yoga and Ayurvedic workshops for yoga instructors and Yoga Teacher Trainings, who wish to deepen and continue their evolution as teachers and students. Lynne is a Certified Yoga Health Coach and she teaches an 11 week course as well as a 7 month Yoga Immersion course to help revitalize and rejuvenate other mothers and their families.