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Feb 6, 2018

Carlie and Grace talk about and reflect on what has been coming up for them in terms of their progress and journey with their own health integrity and how it affects their families.

They provide examples of how they apply the what they have learned from their own practices and Yogahealthchoaching and how they apply it in their own journey as healers and parents.  


I rap with Grace and Carly about:

  • Being honest about your own lack of knowledge when it comes to raising kids.
  • How we have to grow in order to teach to our children.
  • Showing up the same way for us than we do our group members
  • The introspective process and how it changes our kids.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • Teaching children about cause and effect.
  • How not to be hard on ourselves when we don’t make the right decisions.
  • How to peel back the layers and understand what we can do differently to move forward.
  • How to find authenticity when telling your story.



Show Highlights:

  • 4:30 -  How to teach children about introspection and cause and effect.
  • 6:23 -  Our reactions and their effect on our children, how not to be hard on yourself and.
  • 7:00 -   It starts with the self and how this will affect others around us.
  • 7:58 -   How being part of a community helps you get out of negative loops.
  • 8:56 -   We have to lead by example, the importance of telling your story.
  • 10:50 - The importance of practicing what you preach.
  • 13:11 - Coming from a place of love.
  • 15:40 - Why people want to give our kids treats.
  • 20:22 - Next steps

Favorite Quotes:

  • “It's not about the finger wag, its about going through the process ourselves that makes a difference” - Grace
  • ¨It’s about showing them about that cause and effect, looking at the law of Karma” -  Grace
  • “It’s not about stopping and not drinking wine, it’s about being given a choice to go, ohhhh noooo that actually is causing something” - Grace
  • “I realized I can’t give somebody what I don’t have, we can’t teach them what we don’t know” - Carly
  • “When we are not in balance, people around us can feel it!” - Grace
  • “You can tell the difference when you go through this transformative process” - Carly
  • “Information does not equal transformation” - Carly



Carly Banks
The Body Thrive path led Carly to a new and exciting world where all can be accomplished with ease. Adding YHC certification training to work and parenting is proving to be easy, with the right tools. Carly’s shattering old patterns and false beliefs about herself, to become the person that she and her family deserve.  Connecting? Connect and hear more about how Carly juggles life as a busy mom at Nourished living.

Grace Edison
Grace Edison lives in British Columbia, Canada. She’s a mom of twin 8 year olds, a Yoga teacher, studio owner, and Yoga Health Coach — and she also works for Cate Stillman in Admissions at Yogahealer! More than anything, she loves to make people laugh and has a not-so-secret dream of doing stand-up comedy. Grace has a strong passion for empowering others to take their health and wellness into their own hands. She loves building authentic relationships, making people laugh, and creating supportive communities. After a long-standing relationship with severe depression, Grace has found deep relief through the habits of Ayurveda — and much credit is due to Cate and her Body Thrive program. After taking Body Thrive several times and jumping into Yoga Health Coaching, Grace came aboard the Yogahealer team.