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Mar 22, 2018

On today’s show I talk with Daniel Bastacky about Ayurveda and Sound Therapy. Daniel works with sound bowls and other instruments of sound to relax, heal, and balance people on physical, mental and emotional levels. Sound bowls produce a high quality energy and vibration which can penetrate deep into a person’s physiology, shifting stagnant energy and opening up areas in the body that have felt blocked.


Daniel and I chat about the clarity and feelings of wholeness and nourishment that can come through sound therapy. When we feel this nourishment on a subtle level, our needs and our stress levels decrease and we feel full, open, and interconnected. Listen in and learn how you can bring sound therapy into your life in order to deeply nourish your cells, calm your nervous system, relieve stress, and create unity consciousness for the betterment of all.

I rap with Daniel Bastacky about Sound Therapy:

  • How sound quiets the mind, relaxes the body, and moves energy
  • The experience of unity consciousness and the physical and spiritual benefits of sound bowls
  • Three different ways in which we take in sounds and why we can sometimes feel sound in our nervous system

What you’ll get out of tuning in:   

  • How sound bowls and sound therapy work within our bodies and energy fields
  • What happens when you tune into the subtle elements of your physiology   
  • How to create your own sound therapy and use it in your everyday life


Daniel Bastacky’s website- [ ]

Free 15 minute treatment from Daniel Bastacky for those in the Atlanta area!

Cate’s April Yogidetox - [ ]

Show Highlights:

2:00- Daniel talks about his first experience with sound therapy and sound bowls; he discusses how vibration from sound can actually move through you, shift your energy, and penetrate deep into your physiology.

4:00- We discuss the experience of ‘unity consciousness’ and the higher vibrational benefits of sound bowls.

8:15- Daniel plays the sound bowls that resonate with the heart chakra to show the difference between ‘resonance' and ‘dissonance’.

18:45- Daniel describes the path that led him to sound healing. He talks about how becoming a sound therapist affected his physiology and how sound healing has lead him to a stress free life.  

Favorite Quotes:

“It’s a very powerful experience having a bowl on you and to feel that vibration move through you and shift your energy.” - Daniel Bastacky

“On a higher level you are connecting to a world of vibration, energy, and movement.” - Daniel Bastacky

“There’s this different level of subtle nourishment that happens from sound attainment and sound vibration.” - Cate Stillman


Daniel Bastacky is a Sound Therapist, Hatha Yoga Teacher and Ayurveda Educator. He uses therapeutic sound to deeply calm the body, to calm the mind, to reduce pain and stress and to move energy through the body's energetic channels. Some of the tools he uses in his work are Crystal and Tibetan singing bowls, Tuning Forks, the Energy Chime, Tingshas and a Cymatherapy machine. He is a certified Health Educator from the Chopra Center and is a  member of Cate Stillman’s Living Ayurveda course. Daniel currently lives in Atlanta where he practices sound therapy to relax, to heal and to bring you back into balance.