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Nov 5, 2015

Listener Question: What’s your favorite smoothie recipe?

I often get asked what my favorite recipes are – for smoothies, juice, salads. But if you start to look at the idea of a favorite recipe through an ayurvedic lens, you’ll realize it’s not the right question. Take a look around you. Whatever ecosystem you are in, whatever the season, whatever seems good to you at the moment – that is going to be your favorite recipe. Take a listen to the podcast, and I’ll explore what this means for you and your favorite foods.

The Ayurveda Summit is almost here! In this podcast you’ll hear a clip of Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta talking about cellular memory and behavior patterns. Taking a deep dive into this conversation, she guides us into an understanding of the elements, their corresponding chakras and koshas, and their influence on cellular memory. It is an amazing peek not only into our behavior patterns, but also into this Ayurveda Summit talk.

Show Highlights:

0:42 Your favorite smoothie recipe and your ecosystem

2:58 Food combining

3:34 The value of superfoods

4:40 Smoothies and winter


Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta

8:18 Recognizing cellular memory patterns

11:25  Chakras and the elements

15:10  Chakras and the koshas

17:30  Root chakra and 5th layer life lesson

20:42  Balancing Vata dosha


Vanessa S

24:29  YHC success story and revolutionary impact of simple habits