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Jan 22, 2018

I am currently running a series to help the tribe, you all, my fellow collaborators, on how to help engage with the habits of Ayurveda that help us align our life, that sink us into a deeper rhythm, that allow us to experience the ease of a life aligned.

The #1 habit in Body Thrive is earlier, lighter dinner. Today’s episode is on identity evolution and this #1 Ayurvedic habit that helps set us up for the next day.

##I rap about

  • How our identity intertwines with our dinner habits
  • How to go about thinking about how to make an identity shift to eat dinner earlier
  • The immense value of eating an earlier, lighter dinner

##What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • Understand how to investigate your identity to better move towards feeling how you want to feel
  • A taste of how Cate teaches Ayurvedic wisdom for successful lifestyle change

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## Favorite Quotes

“The question is, what are you going to believe about yourself to evolve this habit?“ – Cate Stillman