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Mar 10, 2022

Podcast Intro:

Meditation helps you be in a state of relaxation. It helps you release the tension that you are feeling. It can bring you awareness and pulsation to your surroundings. When it comes to meditation, you should know what meditation posture you would be doing. It can be sitting, lying, standing, and walking.

There are various types of brainwave states. Beta is defined as an old patterning mind. Meanwhile, theta focuses on a person’s awake state but not particularly you. In this podcast, Cate will share the process of meditation and the different types of brainwave states.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What is the Process of Meditation
  • How’s the Experience of Meditation
  • What the Brainwave States is and its Types



  • Cate shares all about her love language.
  • Cate introduces the process of meditation
  • Cate talks about her own experience when she was pregnant.
  • Cate enumerates and explains the different types of brainwave states.
  • Cate talks about how sleep deprivation can result in adrenaline addiction
  • Cate emphasizes how meditation is not about getting insights and thoughts.


  • [3:10] Love Languages
  • [4:38] Introduction
  • [7:36] Meditation Posture
  • [8:45] Ah Breaths
  • [10:01] Meditation Practice
  • [26:40] What Happens in a Meditation Practice
  • [28:54] Body Thrive and Breath Body Practices
  • [31:11] Delta as Deep Sleep Healing
  • [34:42] Sleep Deprivation and Adrenaline Addiction
  • [37:32] Oxygenation Process
  • [39:02] How Survival Instincts are Driven by Adrenaline
  • [39:45] Guilt Complex on Religions
  • [42:01] Coming Back after a Long Break from Meditation
  • [44:47] Final Remarks


  • “Keep allowing yourself to relax and be aware of the sensations.”
  • “Nothing else needs to matter right now. There's no need to do this right. There's no doing it wrong. There's simply the outside coming in and the inside moving out.”
  • “Allow your awareness to be at the boundary of your skin.”
  • “When humans don't hit deep sleep for long enough, it causes dementia.”
  • “What's hard about sleep deprivation is that it triggers adrenaline addiction”
  • “If we're sleep-deprived, the mind and body are in an adrenaline addiction cycle where it's producing cortisol in greater quantities at the wrong times of the day.”
  • “You're not meditating to have insights and thoughts. That's a different practice.”