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Jul 21, 2016

If you're on a growth path, which I imagine you are or why else would you be hear listening to the show... you'll run into some tough times. How can you skillfully navigate the tough times? What can you expect to happen on the road to busting through your own glass ceilings.

You'll also hear my admissions team rap on how health insurance holds people back from their path, and the ludicrousness of that common postmodern reality for mainstream thinkers.
Why you want to listen to Jenny Fenig + me rap...
  • A simple strategy for navigating massive obstacles on the dharmic path
  • Why Ganesha puts obstacles on your path
  • Does the breakdown before the breakthrough really have to happen to you?

    What you'll get out of the Naked Truth with Grace + Alex

    A moment of naked truth is about what keeps people stuck in their jobs and not following their bliss. A.k.a. the all mighty sacrifice of the golden handcuffs.
  • The Yogahealer enrollment team raps on what holds people back from investing in themselves at the next level
  • Is health insurance causing you to stay stuck?
  • Why you should teach your kids + yourself to brag... effectively.
About Jenny Fenig
Jenny Fenig is a business coach and brand strategist to spiritual entrepreneurs ready to boost their message, reach and faith. The unified mission of Jenny’s courses, book, Get Gutsy podcast, and coach certification school is: how to touch more lives with your work and cash in on your calling.® Jenny loves yoga, hiking on her favorite mountain in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where she lives, and seeing the world. Her husband and three children make the journey sweet.