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Sep 8, 2018

Being a nurse, Miranda was apprehensive when she first heard of detox growing in popularity. After having gone through YogiDetox herself, however, Miranda has seen first-hand the massive benefits detoxing has had on her health. Gale and Miranda chat about the transformational experience that this program has brought to so many people. Often in our busy modern lives, it can be really great for us to take a step back from things that aren’t serving us. Detoxing allows us to remove ourselves from our everyday lifestyles, so we can more easily cut out foods that we don’t realize are negatively impacting us.

Additionally, it encourages stricter adherence to practices and habits that serve us well, such as going to bed early. Cate Stillman has designed YogiDetox so that you have the power to design your own detox and do it how you want. Miranda emphasizes how it is less about increasing stress through strict adherence to guidelines, and more about doing the things that you know serve your health best. Detoxing allows us to get back into alignment and balance with ourselves, and YogiDetox provides the support we need to get there.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Why detoxing can be so transformative
  • Why you should do YogiDetox
  • What eliminating certain foods can tell us


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Show Highlights:

  • 3:38 - Miranda discusses with Gale how YogiDetox is designed for participants to design their detox to fit what they need at any given time in their lives. It is powerfully transformative to take a step back from things that aren’t serving you, and to do little experiments in your lifestyle and diet to see the changes that result.
  • 5:50 - YogiDetox allows you to go about your detox individually while also having access to a community of people going through the same experience. While Miranda detoxed more on her own, she underscores the value of the Facebook community for answering questions, providing support, and showing how others are handling the detox journey.
  • 11:45 - Miranda emphasizes looking at our local environment, including local plants that grow, to see how we can utilize these resources to feed our health. Invasive weeds can serve as abundant sources of local nutrients that connect us with what our environment is providing for us.


Favorite Quotes:

  • Reexamining things to do little experiments on yourself to see how you feel when those things are taken out of your life - I think it's very valuable.” - Miranda
  • It is very valuable that we start looking at what’s around us and how it’s supposed to be helping us.” - Miranda
  • How are we feeding ourselves in other ways?” - Gale Edison



Guest BIO:

Miranda Smith is a 48 year old registered nurse, who lives in Northwestern, B.C., Canada. She loves spending time with her family, especially her 2 little grandsons. She loves yoga, paddle boarding, hiking, golf and has a big interest in wild edibles.  She hopes to continue to live a healthy, active life and appreciates the yoga healer community for its knowledge and support. She has taken the Living Ayurveda course and has participated in several yogi detoxes. This year instead of a New Years resolution she has decided to say “Yes!” to things that make her feel alive and it has been opening up some new and interesting opportunities." Connect on facebook page.


Host BIO:

Gale’s life has always been anchored in a committed physical practice. Practicing ballet from the age of 3, and highland dancing from the age of 4 into her adulthood, she went on to study dance in university. After exploring other career choices, her passion for movement therapies became her apparent life dharma- Committing to a life of learning and sharing empowering life practices. Gale studied hatha yoga under Meghan Currie and Sridaiva with Desi Springer and John Friend, and Yoga Tune Up’s Embodied Anatomy with Trina Altman. The most influential teacher in her practice is Dana Skoglund, her teacher who has a background in Anusara and Sridaiva yoga, as well as ayurveda. Through yoga and ayurveda Gale strives to facilitate a newfound sense of self-empowerment, self-accountability and gratitude for life in all those who practice in her community. Check out her website and contact on facebook page.