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Oct 27, 2015

Favorite Quotes:

8.40 “Do what do you love. What nourishes you?.... cherish it enough to share it.” Cyndi Lee

12.35 “If everything I do matters what am I going to let go of.” Cyndi Lee

18.45 “The concepts of aging are a belief system.” Gabriel Cousens

19.35. “(We need to )trust the intelligence of our...

Oct 22, 2015

Show Highlights:

Rachel Cook

2:24     Recognizing the “Hot” times of year in the yoga industry and capitalizing on them

5:14     Delivering what people are asking for

8:17     Yoga business models and thinking outside of the box

10:34   Exploring unconventional yoga spaces

12:10   Bringing yoga into the home


Oct 15, 2015

Show Highlights:

Tina Forsyth

4:18 Defining the distinction between planning and vision

7:43 Moving from reacting to planning

14:54 Exploring the difference between reacting and responding

16:46 Committing to project management

22:40 Learning to make your schedule important

Jennifer Ayres

35:25 Meditation for anxiety...

Oct 8, 2015

Changing your habits, creating a better relationship with yourself, and fostering evolutionary change.


Show highlights:

2:58 Cate’s personal story about reinvention

6:46 Cate delves into the relationship between our outer environment and our inner selves.

9:08 Cate explores the concept of Svatantrya and freedom.

Oct 1, 2015

Purge your home, make awesome buckwheat granola, and learn to care for eczema.



16.00 People who hold onto extra stuff often hold onto extra pounds.

19.05 How much is enough? Clearing out brings up fears. But clearing out makes it clear exactly what you need. It’s not the number but surrounding yourself...