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Nov 27, 2017

On today’s show I talk to author and meditation teacher Ntathu Allen. Ntathu originally trained as a probation officer working in a demanding inner-city borough in South-East London, supervising adult and young offenders in custody and in the community. Yoga inspired her to make a big career shift. Now, she has written more than seven books that are for sale on Amazon.


One big reason I brought her on the show is because I know many of you are wondering about Kindle/Amazon, and I’ve also recently been offered a publishing deal. So, there’s a lot going on in the publishing world! For many of us who want to write from our souls, there can be the question of how to use our writing and our creativity in a way that can reach more people and that can also lead to our own personal abundance. That’s where our Dharma and Dollars show heads today!


I rap with Ntathu Allen about:

  • Transitioning into a Yoga career
  • How Ntathu published seven books for Kindle… and what she’s choosing next for publishing
  • Hiring our kids to work in our businesses


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • Learn the benefits (and see Ntathu’s process as an example) of making a career change
  • Understand the importance of marketing and why outside help can be essential in navigating the publishing process
  • See why you should write your profit book before you write your passion book




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Show Highlights:

  • 2:00 — Ntathu outlines her career path and explains how her Yoga practice made her realize she was dissatisfied with what was going on in her life. She reached a state in her life where she wanted to follow the calling in her heart and take a leap of faith. Yoga inspired her to spread her essence of peace to more people and spurred her to make a career change.
  • 8:20 — Ntathu explains the process of “going public” and uploading her first book to Amazon. It was scary, and she struggled with marketing, but interest in her material steadily grew. Getting assistance with marketing and promotion via a publisher was an important facet behind the attention her books have been getting. It allowed her to get her work heard in an effortless way so she could focus on writing.
  • 13:50 – Ntathu shares her advice for people who have a manuscript waiting to be published but are nervous about taking the next step toward publishing. At first she was worried because there were already so many Yoga books out there, but she realized there weren’t any Yoga books from her. That realization while she was becoming a Yoga writer helped her understand the value in her perspective and voice.
  • 17:35 — Find out how to get kids involved in your business and your creative process. At almost any age, there’s something they can do to help. One important thing to do is figure out ideas that we can help them pursue, and then let them decide how they want to participate.
  • 22:45 — Cate discusses her experience with the publishing process and provides tips on developing a leverageable business model with the book as the product.


Favorite Quotes:

  • “Follow your heart. I know it sounds trite...But I really do believe in following your heart.” –Ntathu Allen
  • “There are two levels to writing.” –Ntathu Allen
  • “I want people to be moved and inspired through my words.” –Ntathu Allen
  • “Usually the author is not the expert in the independent publishing process.” –Cate Stillman
  • “There are lots of books out there, but the book by you isn’t out there.” –Ntathu Allen
  • “Writing is the easy part.” –Ntathu Allen
  • “You can write your passion book, or you can write your profit book.” –Ntathu Allen



Ntathu Allen is a yoga and meditation teacher and author of more than 7 books.

She inspires and supports busy women to experience more pleasure and delight in

their lives. She offers simple yoga exercises & breathing meditation techniques you can do at home or at work to help you relax, reduce stress and find moments of calm in your busy day.