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Mar 14, 2016

When we look back on our health histories we see peaks and valleys. Obviously a reflection of the laws of nature, our bodies in particular reflect the law of contrary compliments. In this week’s show you’ll hear women’s hormonal health collaborator, Bridgit Danner talk about her low of the lows. Postpartum hormonal imbalance. New marriage, new baby, new business. Dark places. IBS. Leaky Gut. Adrenal Issues. Pink eye. How did Bridgit turn it around and how she help other women pulse back to thriving.

Then, you’ll hear Jason Crandell chime on how we over-strengthen our quads and flexors at the expense of hamstring injuries. You’ll learn how to strengthen your hamstrings and external rotators. Plus, a bonus recipe to start detoxing your gut and your blood - a Ginger Turmeric Tea recipe from Talya’s Kitchen.

In this Episode you’ll hear from:

Why you want to listen:

-Why detox is good for hormone balance - Locust Pose + tensing your Behind. - Why it’s not best for your hormones to get too skinny - Why doing a short term detox is great way to learn to cook and do have good habits like packing your lunch The after detox slide

What you don’t want to miss:

-Why Jason Crandell believes that Locust Post is the most important, least done yoga pose out there. - Jason Crandell teaches you locust pose - Bridgit’s postpartum crisis and turnaround - Fresh ginger turmeric tea from Talya’s Kitchen - Sign up for the Women’s Wellness Summit

About Bridgit Danner

Bridgit Danner runs an online women’s health community called Women’s Wellness Collaborative. Through this community, she interviews experts in women’s health through blogs, videos, podcasts and online summits. Bridgit Danner has practiced Chinese Medicine for nearly 12 years, has performed over 12,000 treatments and is also a certified Functional Diagnostic Nutrition practitioner. She has worked extensively in the fertility field, and has worked with many professional women to help them find health within their busy lives.