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May 6, 2015

Awhile back I had a coach who encouraged me to invoke the person I wanted to become. When we have an evolutionary perspective of who we are we get that we are always present and we are always becoming. It's the becoming part of us that desires growth, and is aligned to change, that craves learning.
By invoking who we want to become we get clear in what needs to change to make that happen. We attune our internal radar to actualizing our growth potential. Then, tuning into the radar like a radio signal, we start acting like the person we want to become. Before we know it, we are that person. As evolution is a moving target, then we repeat the process again. To jumpstart the exercise, I recorded a short audio and created a handout for you. Below are simply the cliff notes. The benefit is in the audio and the worksheet.
To Start acting like the person you want to become:
  1. Invoke the person you want to be.

  2. Develop the habits this person would have.

  3. Have the conversations that person would have.

The person you want to become you can presence right now. You and your future self co-exist simultaneously. Use this power you have in your awareness.
Your daily habits determine your future. Your daily habits are the best indicator of your future. Are your daily habits lined up with the person you want to become? If not, it's out of reach. If so, fine tune and adjust. Your habits determine who you are becoming.
Your conversations influence your thoughts.
The vibrations of the conversation you are taking in, determine the vibrations of your thoughts, which determine your actions, which determine which habits you have, which determines how you show up in the world. You need to chose your conversations wisely.

Our conversations determine our reality.

We either have articulated or unspoken agreements in our core relationships. If the agreements are unspoken, they can quickly become outdated. If we’re operating on outdated, unspoken agreements the relationship isn't as dynamic, inspired, evolutionary, supportive, or connective as it could/should be. When you take the time to step back, and consciously update your relationship agreements, you redefine your life, based on your current potential.

 Invoke who you want to become.

Do you need to have more nutritive relationships?

What does this mean to you right now? 

What relationships are going to help stabilize the reality that you want?
If our relationships are toxin free, we're a very awake, very dynamic, very fluid person. This is the potential. If our relationships are outdated and not in line with what supports the future self we want to be, we're in a world of hurt. We need to get clear and take action to find support for the person we want to become. Otherwise, it won't happen. Do this exercise and you'll get clear on how to do this.

How will new habits show up?

Having new habits means having new habits in many sectors in your life. Ask the future self you want to become what needs to shift in the following domains:

  • with money
  • in relationships
  • with how you invest
  • in what you take in through your 5 senses
  • in your daily routines

Get clear. Listen. Be curious.