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Aug 31, 2017

Katie Krimitsos is a blast. Biz women rock! Together we can rock the world is Katie's brand. She has a podcast where she plays rock and roll music and coaches women in rocking their business.

I met Katie at Podcast Movement a few years ago, and I got to know her work. A big part of her work is helping women use social platforms, and Facebook groups in particular, to help fuel the growth of their membership, their business, or their client base.

You might wonder if what you want to do -- whether it's social change in your community, your work in the world, etc. -- requires a Facebook group. Do you need something that is a way for people to connect, and if you do, how much of a time commitment is it to have one that actually does what you want it to do? This is exactly what today's conversation is all about. Enjoy!


I rap with Katie Krimitsos about using Facebook to reach business goals:

  • Attract people to become clients or course members through Facebook Groups
  • Tips for a successful Facebook Group
  • Use Challenges to attract potential clients

What you’ll get out of tuning in:    

  • How to maximize your effort and minimize your time by creating Brand Ambassador positions
  • How to set up your group culture in a forum
  • How to differentiate your paid forums from your unpaid ones




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Show Highlights:


  • 3:30 - Use Challenges to attract potential clients to your community and get them hooked! This works because:
    • It engages your core community
    • It gives them something of value
    • It deepens your "Know, Love, and Trust" Factor
    • It can weave in ways for participants to share about you, your brand, and your message
  • 13:30 - Create different groups when you find that a specific topic is only relevant to certain individuals who would benefit from diving deeper into that topic. BONUS: When you create a separate group, you will attract people interested in that topic who weren't in your general community before, introducing them to you and your brand!
  • 15:35 - Tips for a Successful Facebook Group:
  1. Show up! Don't just create a group and then have an administrator run it.
  2. Maximize your effort and visibility in the group, and minimize your time by creating Brand Ambassadors: they will be in charge of starting conversations, commenting on posts and threads, letting you know if there is spam in the group, and reporting to you about important posts and conversations.
  • 24:00 - Set up your group culture: do something to make sure a new person in your group knows how to act in it as soon as they join.
  • 25:15 - You can either automate posts or post fresh content daily: showing up live can be beneficial, but so can automatically posting previously disseminated, high-quality content that you know was successful in the past.
  • 33:45 - Differentiate your paid from your unpaid groups:
    • Host video meetings to collaborate with the whole community
    • Post video responses directly addressing individuals
    • Give shout-outs to people for being active in the group, or reach out one-on-one to thank people for being a valuable member
    • Create special challenges for your paid groups
    • Provide insight to the behind-the-scenes of your business or personal life


Favorite Quotes:

  • "You can intelligently filter in ways to bring it back to your brand in an authentic way." - Katie Krimitsos
  • "They're really fun, they're a great way to engage people, and they can be in line with whatever it is you do!" - Katie Krimitsos
  • "They go sing it on the mountain... because you're helping them create results." - Katie Krimitsos
  • "There's no doing it wrong, there's just a lot of different ways of figuring out how it's going to work." - Cate Stillman
  • "It is hugely advantageous to be a powerful, valuable member of a group." - Katie Krimitsos


Katie Krimitsos is the Founder of Biz Women Rock, a community and education provider for business women around the globe who want to grow their companies. She is a business coach and growth strategist and provides virtual and live education to help purpose-driven and action-taking women get the tools they need to fulfill their business dreams! Her podcast Biz Women Rock provides personal business interviews, pertinent topics and actionable information that help her community thrive in their businesses. She is a lover of travel, animals (she has a pet parrot, Sammy!), the water and is amazingly in love with her very first child, Sedona and her husband, Chris.