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May 5, 2022

Podcast Intro:

How would you feel if your doctor diagnoses you with an Autoimmune disease? How would you be able to face that reality? These types of questions are the reality that is faced by many.  

Many believe that detoxing and creating a positive environment can help “undiagnosed” their autoimmune disease. Repairing the DNA to reverse the diagnosis might sound like fantasy, but it is true and very possible in Laura's case. Tune in as Laura shares her insights and experience in facing her autoimmune disease.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • How can you prevent yourself from putting things in your body that won’t be going to be any good?
  • How can you do more with less?
  • Are the studies done with diet and lifestyle modifications?
  • What are the habits that work for Laura?
  • What would Laura recommend?



  • Cate says that when she is in the group doing a thing, whether it's a challenge, or whether it's the yogi detox, there's this invitation into depth and it feels like a current or it feels like a gravitational pull.
  • Cate always finds with herbal medicine that if you're not getting the effect, increase the dose, increase the frequency, and see what it can do.   
  • Cate shares her interview with Peter where he devoted his life to understanding the community.


  • [01:49] Facing the Challenge
  • [04:27] What made the Difference
  • [06:23] Commitment to a Community
  • [09:01] Symptoms of Laura’s Autoimmune Disease
  • [13:41] Are studies about Lupus done with Diet and Lifestyle Modifications?
  • [15:34] Understanding Community
  • [16:41] Laura’s Current Habits
  • [19:31] Do Autoimmune Diseases require the Body more Rest?
  • [25:16] Wild Habits
  • [28:11] Laura’s Advice for People with Autoimmune Disease
  • [29:56] Having a Healing Team


  • “Every time I would get stuck or I'd want to eat something that wasn't the best for me, I would just consider how I would want to feel tomorrow. Doing that prevented me from putting things in my body that was only good for a minute or two and then they weren’t going to be any good later on.”
  • “Connect with as many people as you can and ask questions. The doctor cannot just put all your eggs in one basket.”
  • “It was really finding out from other people who weren't doctors that got me to ask the important questions.”