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Jul 3, 2018

Today Maddy Harland and I dive deep into some fascinating conversation on permaculture, the sustainability of Planet Earth and conscious evolution of the human species. Maddy is the editor and co- founder of England’s Permaculture Magazine and the author of Fertile Edges: Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope. We discuss permaculture, human growth and consciousness as a paradigm shift, sustainability, and interconnectivity. We talk about the awakening of human beings to the climate crisis and all the positive, life enhancing and creative ways of living that can reverse the disintegration of our ecosystems.

We chat about being able to connect deeply to our bodies in order to become more deeply connected to Mother Nature and the planet we live on, allowing us to thrive. Our Earth is alive. It is full of energy and abundance and the life of the planet is the same life that flows through us; we are all one. If we destroy our earth, we are essentially destroying ourselves. Listen in to this mind expanding podcast and learn a bit about how you can help the future of human life and the future of our planet Earth.


What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What is permaculture and why is it important?
  • What does it mean to raise the awareness of the planet?
  • What can you do in the realm of sustainability and permaculture to help our planet?


Links Mentioned in Episode:


Show Highlights:

  • 2:30- Cate and Maddy chat about permaculture and human consciousness on our planet Earth. Cate asks Maddy what drives her, how she got into this world of conscious evolution, and what she thinks about our personal body connection in regards to our connection to the planet.
  • 10:00- The primordial soup of the planet. Maddy assures us that while there is greed, short sightedness, and ignorance, there are also good people who hold high values and have high hopes for our species and our planet. We hear a bit about England’s, David Attenborough, an extraordinarily influential BBC broadcaster and naturalist.
  • 17:00- What is permaculture and what is a regenerative system? Why are these important terms and how can you use them in your everyday life to help us become more sustainable?


Favorite Quotes:

  • “Something happens when we make a transition and become more immersed in the natural world…we sense that what we are in our essence, is the essence of the whole landscape and the world around us...the remarkable experience of oneness. ” -Maddy Harland
  • “Everything was energetic and everything had an animate life to it and that life was the same as the life that flowed through me, and actually there was no separation.” -Maddy Harland
  • “Guiding principles: Integrate, don’t segregate. And appreciate biodiversity.” -Maddy Harland
  • “We have to hold our center in our hearts and work with that compassion and that


Guest BIO:

Maddy Harland is editor and co-founder of Permaculture magazine, an international quarterly in print, digital and online at Maddy co-founded Permanent Publications in 1990, a publishing company, and the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK, once a military base, and now a thriving immersive learning centre. Maddy is a Visiting Knowledge Exchange Fellow of the Institute of Theological Partnerships at the University of Winchester in the UK. She is an adviser to the Ecosystem Restoration Foundation and Common Earth, a joint initiative between the Cloudburst Foundation and the Commonwealth, a climate action program aimed at supporting member states to adopt integrative approaches to address climate change and meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. She is the author of Fertile Edges: Regenerating Land, Culture and Hope. She loves to grow food and wildflowers, keep bees and camp out in wild places. Connect with Maddy on her website and facebook page.