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Sep 30, 2021

Is it healthy to drink urine? What are the risks and advantages of doing so? Many individuals are debating whether or not Urine Therapy is genuinely beneficial. Urine Therapy also includes healing from within for you to have a better living. By meditating, self-care, and calming your energy down, you'll have a more precise place or a new canvas that you can paint your new painting or create the next phase of your life.

People who are firm in their urine treatment practice, who have unwavering faith, are attracting all of these people who have given up on the medical industry. But some of those who talk about urine therapy fail their clients because they don't address the four pillars of health: mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional. To level up and increase the quality of your life, you must purify your mind of all unconscious death stuff, self-destructive impulses, self-hatred, and everything else that is cruel and unloving to yourself.

In this episode of the Yogahealer Podcast, Cate Stillman talks with Brother Sage about Shivambu and Urine Therapy. He will share the science behind it and why the centuries-old practice works.