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Apr 22, 2016

Do you want to be seen and heard? Are you super excellent and want more people to know? Then, you’’ll get the insights you’ve been looking for when you listen to my well biz sister’s Amanda Cook + Rachel Cook and i have a conversation on just this.

What is your best way to be seen and heard? In the big informational world out there, what will your voice add to the mix? Find out!

In this interview I talk with Rachael Cook from Yogipreneur and Amanda Cook from Wellpreneur

  • The Best Ways to Put Yourself Out There
  • How to get speaking gigs
  • How to deal with the ego when wanting to be seen

What we mention in this Episode

  • Who needs a website
  • When you need a website
  • How to discover YOUR style

Links from the Conversation:

Books We Recommend in this Series

-Peers, Inc by Robin Chase -The Mesh by Lisa Gankin