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Dec 1, 2012

Since I was a child I was uncomfortable with the commotion around Christmas. As a teen obsessed with recycling (which was cutting edge in the 80's, mind you) I was repulsed by consumerism and the carbon footprint of Christmas. As a young adult I became a yogini and was immediately attracted to the principles of the 8 fold path, which includes the basic precepts on how much stuff you should have. As an adult, I want to be a change agent in creating a culture that celebrates connectivity over consumerism. The Yoga of Holiday Spending is about investing in connectivity.

The Yoga of Holiday Spending...

Is about investing. Our dollars matter more than ever before. We have more power with each purchase to let our values speak volumes. So before you get wrapped up in the whole to do of holiday spending, listen to this audio with Adam Baker. It's an interview from the Evolve your Winter Traditions e-Course I did with Adam Baker, founder of the famous blog Man vs. DebtThis interview changed the way my family spends money during the holiday season