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Jul 1, 2021

Human urine is treated as a source of disgust, whereas cow urine is considered alternative medicine. Science has proven that there is less or no difference in between cow and human urine, which makes it evenly healthy for human body. Cate Stillman has enlightened upon the core depth of human urine and its benefits for health. She says that there might be no necessity of consuming pharmaceutical medicines on priority, when you can heal what you have within. She explains in-depth about the upcycling of pee, and utilizing it as a health drink. She elaborates upon the ways you can use or consume it, for better perks to your body.

In the path of elaborating the process of pee upcycling, she also breaks down the composition of urine and plasma, that made the entire plot more understandable. With this podcast, she intended to give clarity to people about the health outcomes of self-urine, and make them believe that it is not disgusting. Cate focuses on explaining the detoxification and healing properties of urine therapy, and gives practical insights about how it is being adapted across select countries in the world.

She recites examples of people consuming cow and human urine to upcycle their body functions. Apart from that, she shares a graphical representation on how to start a day with your urine therapy. This podcast is for people who intend to know their body better. Showing the feeling of disgust upon hearing about consuming your urine is natural, but believe it or not, this podcast is going to make you think twice upon your thoughts about urine.

What you’ll get out of tuning in:

  • What is the importance of water and water cycle?
  • What is life on Earth?
  • How is pee turning into pharmaceuticals?
  • What is a water cycle?
  • What is a compost cycle?
  • What is upcycling in the pee?
  • What every 4-year-old person should know about pee?
  • How can pee upcycling help reverse certain health issues?
  • What is the composition of human urine?
  • What kind of water is in the pee?
  • What is the breakdown of Ultra Plasma Filtrate?
  • What is the composition of Plasma?
  • How do pregnancy tests work?
  • What are the things that are considered taboo but are good?
  • How to age your pee?
  • What is the morning routine with urine therapy?
  • What are the ways to use your pee in the right medicinal manner?
  • What is the difference between cow urine and human urine?
  • What is a feedback loop?
  • How to do a Pee Enema?
  • What are the terms of endearment for urine therapy?

Links Mentioned in Episode:

Cate Stillman has completed over 500 podcasts in the past 10 years. She is deciding upon pausing on the weekly release, and has decided upon releasing in series. She requests the viewers to explore all of the interactive content. And, this is supposedly the final weekly release, as Pee Podcast, after which you can expect series-wise releases.

  • If you are part of the course and want the ‘Pee Book’, and want to share about your pee upcycling results, email to or
  • Yogahealer is putting up a challenge for people who want to be in the community, and the URL for the same is,

Break the stereotype and disgust mindset towards human urine, and walk on the path of self-healing by consuming your pee. Step into the urine therapy today!

Show Highlights:

  • Cate talks about taking a break from podcasting.
  • Cate shows the first-ever photo of Earth taken from the Moon.
  • Cate talks about her new ‘Pee Book’.
  • Cate shares a story of Ancient India, 5000 years ago, with characters Shiva & Parvati.
  • Cate talks about one of the Buddha’s quotes on urine.
  • Cate talks about the discovery of bacteria's goodness in 1960.
  • Cate shares the importance of Ahara Rasa.
  • Cate shares a story about her knee condition.
  • Cate curiously talks about the taste of urine.
  • Cate shares a story of a Chinese guy who was stuck on a raft for 4 months.
  • Cate shares about her journey of 2.5 months into this Urine Therapy.
  • Cate talks about cow urine being used as supplements.
  • Cate shares her pee massage story at a hotel during a gymnastics meet.
  • Cate shares a post about Indian Bollywood actor, Akshay Kumar’s habit of drinking cow urine.
  • Cate talks about the popularity of Urine Therapy in China.
  • Cate talks about the ancient pee massage for babies, 2000 years ago.
  • Cate talks about her backpacking trip to the Great Wall of China, on her college days.
  • Cate addresses urine therapy as ‘Mother of Ayurveda’.


  • What pee actually is? 11:08 to 12:58
  • What is epigenetics? 22:08 to 23:01
  • Composition of Urine- 24:38 to 25:00
  • Urine is Ultra Plasma Filtrate- 25:15 to 28:23
  • Composition of Blood Plasma- 30:39 to 30:54
  • Other ingredients in Human Urine- 32:25 to 33:25
  • What Plasma looks like? 46:09 to 46:33
  • Aging your pee- 47:28 to 47:47
  • Ways of using your Pee in Morning Routine- 47:50 to 49:41
  • Cow Urine granted US Patents- 57:56 to 58:22
  • Pee as an alternative to different necessities- 1:00:50 to 1:03:10
  • Terms of Endearment- 1:12:39 to 1:13:30


  • Life is Sustained by Water!
  • Anyone for free, can tap into peak performance. And, when you do that, Life gets Easier!
  • Cate talks about the Membership Community at
  • Your Inner Ecology is Reflection of the Cycle!
  • Urine is not Sterile, its Probiotic!